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 Visa to Vietnam 
Application of Visa at Vietnam embassy:
You can apply Visa direct to the Vietnam embassy or Consulates in your country with an visa application form, original Passport and 3 new photos. The fees do vary depending upon the country. And generally, it takes about 4 - 10 days.
Application of Visa by getting the Visa Approval Code Service:
We can help you to get the entry visa to Vietnam conveniently by helping you to apply visa with Vietnam Immigration then they will send your visa approval code directly to The Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country where you just bring your passport to receive the approval stamp and visa to entry to Vietnam.

The detail that we need to get the Visa Approval code service for you are:
Your full name according to passport 
Your passport number 
The date of issue and date of expired of your passport
Date of Birth and the nationality 
Date of entry Vietnam 
The country where has Vietnam Embassy and you will take your passport to receive the Vietnam visa stamp
After we receive all your above details, we will proceed the Vietnam visa for you and once approval code is ready, it will be fax to your office or your home then you can just bring our fax to receive the stamp from the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country.
Note: Visa procedure take about 4-7 working days and the express visa services will be 2-3 working days with a surcharge.

Single Entry Vietnam Visa   ( Unit: USD/ Person)
Visa Service Price in USD 1 2 3 4-8 up 9 Person
Normal (4-7 working days) 25 20 17 15 12
Express (2-3 working days) 45 40 37 35 32
Multiple Entry Vietnam Visa
Visa Type Visa Service Price per person in USD Rates Excludes: The Visa Stamp Fee that the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country will charge you separately and the stamp fee cost about USD 25-30/ Person depends on the rate of Vietnam Embassy in each country.
Multiple USD 55/ PERSON
Application of Visa by collecting upon arrival:

If your country do not have the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate, Apt guest house can help you to apply for the Vietnam Visa Approval Code then fax the approval letter to you and the other copy will be sent to the airlines which you will fly to Vietnam in order to allow you to be on board to Vietnam. After you arrive at Vietnam International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hanoi and Da Nang airport, the Visa Approval Code will be ready at the immigration and you can just receive the Visa Stamp and entry Visa to Vietnam there.

The details that we need to get the Vietnam Visa on Arrival for you are:
Your full name according to passport.
Your passport number.
The date of issue and date of expired of your passport (Your Passport should be good for at least 6 months).
Date of Birth and the nationality.
Date of entry Vietnam.

Details of Vietnam Visa on Arrival Procedure

1. The submission of approval code:
We will submit your above requested details to the Immigration Department in order to get the approval code that a copy will be forward to you. You will keep this copy and show to the airline staff when you check in at your country airport. This to prove that your Vietnam visa will be stamped in Vietnam on arrival at the airport by the Vietnam Authority and allow you to be on board to Vietnam.

2. Apt guest house Letter of Guarantee:
In the other hand, Apt guest house will issue the Letter of Guarantee together with the Visa Approval Code to the Airlines Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Da Nang for the assurance. Visa Stamping on arrival: our staff will stand by at Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Da Nang Immigration Desk at the airport to assist the visa procedure on your arrival there.

Note: Please prepare your 1 photos of passport size with you.

Visa on Arrival Service Price USD 70 / Person
Visa Validity - One month visa
Application of Visa to other countries from Vietnam:

  Expire Working Day Price Note
Laos 07 day 01 working days US$ 40 - Except Sat, Sun and Vietnamese holidays.

- The Canadian, Japanese, German, American pay $5 more
15 days 03 working days US$ 50
1 month 03 working days US$ 60
Cambodia 1 month 01 working days US$ 35
China 1 month 04 working days US$ 40
3 month 04 working days US$ 54
6 month 04 working days US$ 76
Myanmar 1 month 03 working days US$ 36
India 1 month 05 working days US$ 72
Singapore 14 days 03 working days US$ 52
Hong Kong 14 days 04 working days US$ 52
Indonesia 1 month 05 working days US$ 68
Thailand 2 months 02 working days US$ 34
Visa extension 1 month 03 working days US$ 25
New visa 6 months (Multiple) 07 working days US$ 150
3 months ( Single ) US$ 80
3 months ( Multiple )  
Entry and Customs procedure:

You are required to fulfill entry and customs form when entering Vietnam. A new form (CHY2000 - yellow paper) is currently used for entry and exit procedure. In cases of re-entry or re-exit without any must-be-declared items, you simply submit the copy of your entry and customs form or make a new one. Cross (x) and fill the first up to the sixteenth boxes in the form. You must submit this form to customs and immigration officers.To save your time, in the entry and customs form, you should clearly note down:
1.Camera, recorder and other electric equipment not for personal use.
2.Jewelry (especially gold) and precious stones not for personal use.
3.Foreign currency (cash, coin and tourist cheques): over US$ 7,000 or other foreign currency of the same value, or over VND 5 million in cash.
4.Video-tapes will be checked and returned in several days.
5.Gold (over 300 g): If more than 3,000 g, you are required to deposit and re-export the surplus.
6.Other commodities out of duty-free luggage.
When entering Vietnam:
Visitors are permitted to bring in a duty-free allowance of 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 150 g of tobacco; 1.5l of liquor; and other items (not forbidden goods) of the total value beneath US$ 300. Items that you cannot bring into Vietnam include weapons, munitions, explosives and inflammables, firecracker of all kinds, opium and drugs, toxic chemicals, and cultural materials unsuitable to Vietnamese society (pornographic seditious publications, films and photos), harmful child toys. Breaking these rules, you will be punished by Vietnamese laws.When leaving Vietnam:
A quantity over 300g of gold must be declared and be permitted by the State Bank. You are not allowed to bring out weapons, munitions, explosives, drugs, antiques, live wild animals, rare plants, and documents relating to the national security. Breaking these rules, you will be punished by Vietnamese laws.

Please feel free to contact us  for more information.